Great resources for simple living

I have put together a list of resources for people who are interested in the simple living movement. I hope that these on line writings are helpful and inspiring to you.  Even though I have been living quite simply over the past 40 years, reading all this has inspired me to live even more simply on all levels. I would love to help you simplify your life!
This website has tons of information from a 40 year old organization to help people celebrate holidays in simpler more meaningful ways.  This post has info about the original meaning of Valentine’s Day and alternative ways to celebrate including reaching out to prisoners.
You know it is a trend…if Oprah is sharing it! Opra interviews and follows around a person who has drastically downsized and simplified her life.
Ted Talks features a talk about a millionaire who started out with a huge house and lots of stuff who discovered less is more.  He now lives in a 420 square foot apartment and lives very simply.
A quick summary of some ways to simplify your life
Another article from the same blog that I enjoyed to help busy people be less busy
One author’s top ten books about simple living and minimalism. 
This blog has all kinds of great resources on simple living
I read a review about this book about radical simplicity as a solution to extinction. Although I am not a Buddhist, I agree with the principles of mindfulness that are mentioned in this review. this sounds like a very inspiring and helpful book
The Tiny House movement is just one part of simple living. Blogs and articles abound. This blog is about people who decided to downsize eventually into a tiny house and are loving it.
Tons of websites abound about de-cluttering.  More and more emphasize getting to the root of the problem by simplifying your life. Here is just one of them:
A great essay on simple living

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