Jeannette Balleza Collins–a wonderful person to work with and for

Jeannette Balleza Collins was my supervisor on a big job I helped with–moving the co-working space, The Iceberg.  I thought I would post on my blog how great she is to work with. . I might just start doing this for some of my clients.  This is the third team organizing job I have done, and I am amazed at how much faster a job can get done with 20 people.

I want to recommend Jeannette Balleza Collins for the reward of Great Leader!  I know, this award does not really exist, but it is my best way of expressing how much I admire her work. Here are just a few things that I want to share.

Because of her steady commitment to the Professional Women’s Network I was able to get jobs that ended up by word of mouth leading to many other jobs.  My first Team Organizing job indirectly came from this group.
When Jeanine asked me if I would be willing to help organize the move of the Iceberg, she had generated so much good will with me that I was very motivated and happy to help coordinate the work party.  I was very impressed to see 20 or so hard working people that were part of Jeannette’s great sphere of influence willingly come and get most of the job done.
I found Jeannette’s ability to be a supervisor to me excellent.  She gave me enough feedback and guidance so I could do a good job, but did not micro-manage to the point that I felt limited. I thought she had a great balance.
I was happy to watch her interact with all the people who came to help, as well as with people at the Professional Women’s Network and the Sales Summit that I attended. Her calm and encouraging presence is truly supportive of the people who she works with.
Patricia Mikkelson
Professional Organizer

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