“I enjoy doing projects with Patricia. I look forward to every visit.” a recommendation from a client

I have known Patricia Mikkelson for more than 4 years.  Patricia first helped me after my 2nd move in a year. She helped sort and organize boxes that had been randomly placed in the garage after a cross country move.
As an independent entrepreneur, working from home, home organization and maintenance is very important to my well being. I consider her a vital part of my support system.
Patricia does not have a one size fits all organizing approach. She really listens and has helped me develop and use systems and strategies. She is flexible and meets changing needs. We have revamped my office twice. She encourages me to try out my ideas like color coding.
I have learned so much from Patricia. She helped me organized my cleaning into mini tasks, to deal with some physical challenges. She takes care of chores that are too difficult for me. Watching her clean, is seeing zen in motion.
Recently, my kitchen pantry had become jumbled. Patricia quickly looked at the situation and made space in the pantry and reorganized space in the garage.
I enjoy doing projects with Patricia. I look forward to every visit.
Catherine Rose Stevens, Intuitive Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach

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