Encouragement from a time-management client

I had the joy of working with a student at U of A who is working in the masters program.  He was trying to juggle a ton of things, including planning a trip to Egypt.  When we connected because of a common interesthe was feeling pretty overwhelmed. We had only two sessions lasting a total of three hours, the second of which I provide him with a simple notebook system to help him plan his time.  He was an ideal client–one who can take advice and act on it.  I was overjoyed to hear his description of our work together.

“I feel that the most useful trait I took away from our season was the idea that time alone with God is number one on the list. I took this with me over the Christmas break and was able to get in some prayer and meditative bible reading everyday (As for my return for some reason I have stopped) which usually happened in the morning. The next most important aspect in my life I would like to improve on was spending intentional time with family. I visited my father for three days and then last weekend I went home and spent the weekend with my Mom and grandfather. The next step for me to take is calling a writing on a regular basics. To sum all this up, the light that Patricia turned on for me was the idea that some things in life are more important than others and if you can keep your focus on those things and let all else come after, then the scheduling really becomes fun and encouraging.” 

Clients like this wonderful student contribute to me feeling a sense of satisfaction and happiness.


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