Getting support for my Team Organizing job from Catherine Stevens

In order to complete all the tasks I needed to do for the Team Organizing job I did in Booneville, Arkansas, I knew I was going to need some support.  Fortunately Catherine Stevens of Your Healing Pathways had some time in her schedule to fit me in.  I confess that I tend to procrastinate unless I have a very clear deadline.  Getting ready for this job meant many small tasks that needed to be completed and there was no way they could be done at the last minute.

It was so helpful to have Catherine support me in all kinds of ways.  Just spelling out for her what I needed forced me to do more planning and set clear deadlines for myself because I knew I needed to be accountable to Catherine.  Also, she had only a few slots of time that we could talk and meet, and that motivated me to get things done as well.

Sometimes I would just write out my frustration in an email and let her know that I knew I was having problems completing tasks because of this weakness I have which is not liking to finish things.  This is why it is good for me to work on a team. Catherine and I became the team to organize the team.

My trusty mentor, coach, administrative assistant, cheer leader and friend was there for me to encourage and ask good questions.  There was one issue in particular that I just could not get clear on, but when she gave her input I felt an “aha” moment that helped me to get over that hurdle.

I was so happy that we set our meeting to be two days before I needed to leave. That inspired, motivated and forced me to get things ready with two days to spare.  Even then, because I had so much other work I had to do for people, I ended up leaving later than I thought I would.  My client was fine with that, fortunately. But without that early deadline it would have been really hard to leave with a feeling of being prepared.

My team organizing job was super satisfying and according to all the people concerned I did a great job of coordinating the team that helped to do what looked to be an impossible task.  But without my team member, Catherine, I could not have had such a successful job.


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