TV Show: Hoarding: Buried Alive–I got to help with an estate sale

I got some great experience organizing for a yard sale when I was asked by the lead organizer, Michael Bronaugh, to assist with the estate sale part of the project.  Because Mike Pyron, the client , loved to buy things to sell–but never got around to selling the items, the producers of Hoarding: Buried Alive thought it would be a great idea to film the estate sale in progress.

I  was the main person in charge of sorting out and organizing items.  While the lead organizer worked on coordinating the over all project including counselling the client, and  making the client’s kitchen a work of art, I worked on the rest of the 6000 square foot house so that Mike could sort out stuff.

Even though I only got about 20 seconds of time on the show, I was definitely behind the scenes working hard to create order out of chaos.  The giant  basement was the biggest project. I could hardly even walk around the stuff because it was all packed in so tight.

Facing seemingly impossible situations like this only serves to inspire and exhilarate me.  I dove in with great enthusiasm and faith because even though this was the biggest job I had ever tackled, I knew that following some simple principles that I could make it so all the treasures could be displayed effectively so that people could easily make a decision to buy, and so that Mike could have more space in his house.

The estate sale was a great success. It was really fun to be there and support Mike in the process along with a number of other people who helped out.  Because the producer only had funds to pay one organizer, I received my trade in a lot of great potential Ebay items including some unique antique clocks which are being sold at our upcoming yard sale. And it was great to surprise my friends who saw me for a brief time on the show.



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