My top ten tips on producing a yard sale

1.  Don’t sweat the small, cheap stuff:  As you are sorting, put all the small, inexpensive items in one place to be sorted later. If you run out of time, you might find that it is not worth your while to even sell the stuff.

2. Spend time displaying quality items. Spread things out so people can easily see them.

3. Taking time to make spacious tables so people don’t have to bend over is worth it.  Use saw horses or other means so that you can place boards or plywood on them to make a sturdy surface. Put sheets or table cloths for an attractive look.

4.  Price everything. Even the cheap stuff. People don’t like to ask how much things are, and it takes your time as well. If you can’t get it priced before hand, start doing it as you have time during lulls in the sale. But it is much more effective to have them priced from the start.

5.  Get help in pricing. If you are not a good judge of how much to charge, find a friend or hire an expert who can help you determine the value of your more expensive items. If people really need something, they will pay a significant amount.

6.  Find an auction:  Since you are trying to make money, you can maximize all the efforts you have made by selling items not sold at an auction. Contact your local auctions to see what they will take.

7.  Make lots of signs:  Especially if you are off the main roads, but even if you are on a main road, signs will attract more customers. Weight them down well with rocks or gallon jugs of water.

8.  Advertise advertise advertise.  Find out when the deadline is for your local classifieds. Check out free ads. Make a list of all the papers you can advertise in and decide which are priority. Utilize Craigs List. Make flyers. Tell your friends. Make a Facebook event.

9.  Plan ahead:   Make a time line. Allow plenty of time for such things as I have listed above. Give yourself lots of time and space to sort out everything in your house so that you can maximize your profits as well as get rid of things you don’t need. Here is an article that can help you plan better.

10.  Get help:  Setting up for a yard sale is a huge undertaking which includes setting out signs, setting up the tables, displaying things attractively, pricing, and being prepared for rain. During the sale people can keep busy by attending to customers, making change, putting prices on things, helping pack breakables, rearranging things as items are sold to make things more accessible.

There are so many details to attend to when you are doing a yard sale. Here is an article which can really help you to think about many things. I learned a lot myself.


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