Lots of stuff–lots of stories

Sorting stuff is a mixed bag of happy and not so happy memories. As I go through about a thousand items and choose to sell many of them, I recall how they came into my possession.

A tuxedo and wedding dress.  I help a mother pack up a house full of memories, most of which Potter’s House thrift store picked up. Finding out that her husband had abused her three young children, she fled to a shelter, leaving all behind. A year later, she was ready to sell the house and needed to clean it out. I had the privilege of sorting through all and helping her discern what was necessary to keep. She gave me many wonderful items, including the apparel that what she and her former husband were wearing when they were married.

Homeschooling materials:  When my daughter was five, her father and I lived in our country home and worked in Fayetteville. The woman who took care of her was a former teacher, and she loved to help Mahriyanna with her home schooling. She gave us a lot of great early reading materials. We will always be grateful to Cheryl Arnold for nurturing Mahriyanna’s educational experience as well as the love that she selflessly gave to our daughter.

Shop Tools including a table saw and band saw:  Well, I didn’t exactly sort these things out, but we are selling them as a service for the wonderful gift of letting us use their drive way for our yard sale. Steve and Burnetta are clients of mine and we have found a win-win situation where I trade my services of organizing, cleaning and gardening–plus selling some of their stuff–in exchange for a wonderful location to hold a yard sale.

Well, I could tell many more stories–but the time is late.  I will not miss the stuff, but I will treasure the memories. Hey, I hope to see you at the yard sale!




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