I used to be a pack rat

Confession. Even though I am a professional organizer, I have had tendencies to collect things because some day “they might be useful.”  I still will keep some things on had for “some day” (like office supplies) but I am happy to say that I am exercising a lot more self-control than I used to!

One of my problems has been that I and others in my family have been given a lot of stuff.  It is so tempting to accept gifts from organizing clients because often they are getting to a point of paying someone to help them,  they are letting go of really nice things because they realize if they are not using them, the don’t need them. My clients often want things to “disappear.” And I have been happy to accommodate them.

I accepted a lot of these gifts knowing that I would eventually sell them at a yard sale. And my clients were happy to know that they could give me a bonus for all my hard work.  The problem was, for years we did not have a yard sale. After producing two yard sales within about a year’s time we  just could not get motivated to do another one.

But my family and I are super motivated since we are raising money to help my former husband and my daughter take a trip to California so they can celebrate Robert’s parents’ 60th wedding anniversary which will also be a family reunion.

I feel really motivated because I just want to have more space in my life and less stuff to clutter it up.  As I sort through things, some of which I should never have saved, I realize how far I have come in terms of being a pack rat.

Helping clients release unneeded items and creating a clearer more organized space has given me great satisfaction. My problem has been that after working at organizing other people’s spaces, I don’t feel inclined to go through my stuff.  Knowing that money that comes from items sold will help my daughter and her father have a wonderful vacation really motivates me to stretch and do things that normally I resist.

In addition,  the process of lightening my load and creating more space physically, emotionally and even spiritually has helped me feel energized and exhilarated.  I am so grateful that my family and I are working together on this project.




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