And the boxes came tumbling down

I never know what challenges I will face when I am organizing.  Part of my job is to be able to think on my feet.  From experience I keep learning more and more what will work.  Of course it is very basic to know that in order to sort things, you have to be able to lift the boxes, and if they are very large and heavy, they need to be scaled down.

The boxes were huge.  About four feet square, three of them were piled on top of each other. I was pretty sure nothing breakable was in the boxes because 99% of the inventory for the former store was clothing. The only way I could get to the top box was to stand on a stool and push the box over on top of other stuff that would cushion its fall.

I felt so satisfied when I discovered that some of the boxes held valuable stuff that my client would want to sell on Ebay. The other clothes, although not so valuable, were worth saving.  Packing and stacking the contents of the over sized boxes so that they could be more manageable was slightly awkward at first but as the large box on top was emptied, the job became easier.

I really enjoy telling my clients about the treasures I’ve found, and showing them the progress I have made. Often they just turn me loose and I am on my own, so when the job is done it is fun to see how surprised they are at how orderly and well-labeled everything is.


If you have a challenge that you would like me to tackle, I love to do what seems to be overwhelming to my clients.

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