Uncovering treasures to sell on Ebay

One of the best things about clearing clutter is making money. Often you will find items that you can sell. I have a client who has a ton of things that need to be sorted because he had a store that sold vintage clothing called ?. When the store closed, owner Dan Kelly and his crew loaded up three very large trailers with all the left over stuff. For years, two of the trailers have sat for the  most part untouched and full of treasures. A few months ago he gave me open rein to tackle these huge projects. I go there once or twice a week, and I love it!

After working for Dan for the past two or three years, I have learned about what might be likely to be sold on Ebay. My job is to both sort things into similar groups. For example, there is a big box of hats I uncovered. Whenever I find more hats, or boxes of hats, they go near each other. I had to move all the hats to a giant box, and a large box. I have freed up a lot of space, and if Dan ever needs to sell a bunch of hats, they will all be in one spot. Or, he might want to sort through them all to find the best ones for Halloween costumes.

As I sort things, I discover items that I think might be sellable on Ebay. I set these possible things out so Dan can easily glance at them and decide. Last time he decided to list some old-fashioned dial telephones. They both sold on Ebay. I found another one today, and of course Dan took that one as well to sell.

I feel a great sense of satisfaction to see the trailers gradually come into order. Things are sold. Some stuff is thrown out–only with Dan’s permission of course. Other stuff can go outside under the trailer, and yet more go into a covered shed.

I think most people would feel overwhelmed with such a job, but fo some reason I thrive on dealing with towering piles of boxes and narrow pathways.  I am really glad to help Dan get his trailers in order.  One of our goals is to have lots of costumes uncovered in time for Halloween. And we are definitely moving towards that goal.

If you want to check out some of Dan’s website, go to






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