Working with mom and kids…cleaning, organizing, and helping the kids get involved.

I have had many experiences with helping mothers clean or organize or move with the children being around. Kids and dogs usually love me, which is reassuring, and I enjoy interacting with these creatures.

Today I helped a nursing mother who practices attachment parenting and also homeschools. These values are near and dear to my heart, and it was a pleasure to interact with the kids and experience children who had been raised in such a nurturing way.

I was pleased that within 4 1/2 hours the house looked beautiful so that people could look at it because they were interested in purchasing the house. I loved that the two year old and five year old were able to help and feel the satisfaction that comes from doing a job well done. I was glad that not only did we get a house cleaned, but I got to have the feeling of satisfaction that comes from encouraging children and a mom who is working so hard to nurture her children. Also, there were some conflicts, and I used some simple techniques to help resolve them. That felt good!

I helped another mom with her moving venture over a two month period. At times her children would get very emotional, especially near the time that the move was going to happen. I was happy to be able to offer the gift of empathic listening. At times I would just be present with the children for short times so mom could continue packing. I became friends with these children, and I value our relationship. I feel happy that I have these jobs where I can get to know people and nurture families.

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