De-clutter a room in 2-4 hours

Clutter can put you in a bad mood, but an orderly room will make
your energy soar. Often, you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Here are some tips to help you de-clutter the external part of a room 4 hours with one person.. Having a compassionate friend or a professional organizer can make this job more fun and go a lot faster.

 Select the room or space that you want to de-clutter. Or, you can do a whole floor of a home with this technique as well. You may need to move the boxes, or you can keep in the same place.

Find a space to put about ten boxes. You can drape a sheet over your furniture or bedding, or clear a special space

Choose categories that fit your needs. (See suggested list below)
Get enough boxes to fit all the categories plus extra if you have lots of stuff. You might need more than one box per category. Banana boxes or egg boxes are ideal for flexibility.

Make the labels on half sheets of 11 ½ by 8-inch paper. Write big and clearly!
Tape the labels at the end of the boxes so you can see them easily.
Put the boxes somewhere, ideally in alphabetical order, in a line if you have room. If you are organizing a smaller space, you can put the boxes outside the room if necessary.

Put on some music that inspires you. Slow movements of baroque concertos will help you think more clearly.
Take one item at a time and quickly put in the appropriate box. If you can’t decide, within a few seconds, put in the undecided box. The trick is to keep moving and not get caught up in decision-making. This makes it more fun and the results will be very fast and inspiring.

If you have time and still have energy, keep going so you can get rid of some of the boxes. Or, stack up the boxes in your garage or a cleared away space.
Give away the stuff as soon as possible. Sort out the high priority stuff. Deal with paper work later, using a filing system that works for you. This tickler file is a good start organizing taxes, check out
Make a goal of when you want to have all the boxes sorted. Do you best to break down the goal in bite size pieces, for example one box a day. You might want to to sort out the high priority stuff first. Or you might want to set aside a day to sort. Sorting the initial sorted stuff can take a while.

Find a place for everything. If things are in places that you can’t see readily, you might want to create an index. Put like things with like things.
Once you get de-cluttered, make a rule that you will get rid of as much as you put back in. Have self-control, and stay organized and simplified.


One thought on “De-clutter a room in 2-4 hours

  1. I do consider all the ideas you have introduced on your post.

    They are very convincing and can certainly work.
    Still, the posts are too brief for newbies. Could you please
    lengthen them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

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