Clearing clutter for a friend

It seemed like a miracle! In a mere 4 hours of working together with Dorothy (name changed–I keep my clients confidential for their privacy unless I get permission), we transformed a cluttered back room into a completely cleared area that is ready to be a craft room and more organized storage area. This was really important to her because of several reasons. First, she was tired of having all the clutter draining her life energy and the dust was affecting her negatively, too. She could hardly even go into the room without having an allergic reaction.

Second, she really needed this area cleared because she had a lot of stuff that was sitting in storage needing a place to stay so they didn’t have to pay rent on a storage unit. This space, and a space we ended up clearing out in the storage shed, will be big enough to put all the stuff. Plus we put a table in the room for crafts.

It was really great to see the transformation. Within four hours, the space was clear. We worked together to sort things into the great category system I have discovered. By prioritizing things into boxes, some of which could go out immediately, we were able to make the job more manageable. Although all the boxes did not get sorted that day, it was easier for her to tackle to job by dealing with boxes which had been presorted.

One of my strengths is being able to take things off people’s hands. My husband and I have a homestead in the country (an eco-village in the making) and we can use a lot of stuff in our resource yard, and our building projects. So I was happy to take a lot of stuff off of her hands, at no charge! A win-win situation.

I always feel a sense of satisfaction when I complete a job as well a sense of amazement at how space can be transformed with this simple system of prioritizing and sorting. I celebrate with my client the great feeling that comes from having clutter cleared, and space available for good things to happen!


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