Organizing so the grandfather can keep his grand kids

I am recalling a very difficult situation where a grandfather who had custody of his grand kids was about to lose them because of the terribly dirty condition of his home. Since his wife had died eleven years previously, he had not cleaned the house. Some members of our church decided that instead of having a Sunday morning service, we would go and help this needy individual.

Since this was about nine years ago, I had much less organizing experience under my belt. But people still tell me what a great job I did in helping people get focused on the jobs at hand. I suppose I do have a knack for delegating jobs and seeing that everything gets done in an orderly manner. I was very grateful that people were so willing to take orders as well. 

I still remember how there was a crew outside which filled many dumpsters full of trash. This place was a mess! Inside, I was told that some people had already worked for hours in the bathroom which was in a very sad state. 

I still remember how I kept up a cheerful countenance even though the place was thoroughly disgusting. I did not want to hurt the client’s feelings at all. I encouraged others to do the same. It was smelly, dirty, and seemed to be impossible to get clean enough. But with many hands scrubbing, carrying out trash and sorting through stuff, the place was transformed. 

I was very glad to be part of this effort which was more cleaning than organizing–yet it was the same kind of end finish–a transformed environment. 


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