Organizing for service

After church about thirty people descended upon a family’s home to help clean and organize because they had come to a place that they really needed outside help. What I loved about this experience was that about half of the volunteers were cheerful young people, including my fifteen year old daughter and twenty two year old son. 

I was really glad to have both organizing skills and ability to help the volunteers get focused. I started helping with organizing a shed with my daughter and one friend. Soon a few more of her friends came along and I was no longer needed. I was delightfully surprised at the suggestions that they all made which helped consolidate the stuff so that more stuff could be put inside the shed. I left them to their own devices and they did a great job. 

I got to help organize the home school materials, putting the various items into categories into the nice shelves that were available. Then I looked around and did my best to keep asking the client what I could do to help. I would enlist others help as much as possible because people were standing around looking for something to do. Maximizing on the time that volunteers were present was important to me for two reasons. One, they would not be here indefinitely so I wanted to get as much work done as possible. Two, they would feel more useful and fulfilled if they had a sense of accomplishment. 

After about three hours the job was done for the most part. It was an amazing amount of fun and the time flew by since we all worked together. The client and her family were very happy and so was the whole crew. Huray for synergy!



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