My daughter has caught the organizing skill

Today my daughter proudly told me that she had organized some shelves and her clothes. I was very impressed with what she had done all by herself. Mahriyanna has helped me organize our space and even other people’s stuff for about three years now. I remember one huge job–about eleven rooms in an entire house full of stuff where I had to sort through almost everything in the home. The woman who hired my whole family had left suddenly a year before when she discovered her husband was sexually molesting her three kids. She had no desire to be in this house where there were so many bad memories, and it was my job to try to make it easy for her to look through stuff quickly. Mahriyanna did a great job of sorting hundreds of small items into categories.

But now she had an opportunity to organize her own space, and she felt a deep sense of satisfaction I’m sure. I saw a beautifully ordered shelf unit where she showed me how she had put her home school text books into categories. Everything looked neat and tidy.

I have not yet seen how she organized her clothes, but the floor in the bedroom was so much clearer and uncluttered.

I feel grateful that my daughter has learned this good skill of organizing. After all, it is a skill that anyone can learn.  And I feel honored to be able to mentor her in this area.


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