I’m still organizing! And loving it…

I have been pouring my energy into work and my kids during the past six months or so, and have not prioritized writing about organizing. But I feel inspired tonight. It is time to share again. 

It was so much fun to help a couple organize their closet just a week ago. I got the job in a similar way as I get so many–through networking. Someone posted on the NWA Professional Women’s Network that a friend needed help cleaning. That friend just happened to be someone I had known for many years but had not connect with for a long time. I called her, and she was happy to hire me to mainly clean for a holiday party she and her husband were hosting. After experiencing my good cleaning, she wanted to hire me to organize some spaces. So when I needed some work a few weeks ago, I facebooked her–and sure enough, she was ready for my help. 

She was reluctant to tackle the upstairs closet which was the highest priority but the most overwhelming to her. I peeked in and said, “This is going to be a piece of cake. It’s not that bad.” Her husband laughed and said, “I like your bed side manner.”

I was glad that my client trusted me to just dive in. I proceeded to take everything out of the closet and get them into categories using the boxes that I had brought with me. I have learned to bring boxes with me because they are essential in facilitating order in the organizing process. 

Client was highly motivated and ready to give away a lot of stuff. She had no problem making quick decisions and within about twoand a half hours we had most of the job done, amazingly enough. The next two hours we got to spend tying up loose ends, cleaning out a dresser, re-arranging space in the garage, and cleaning out a game cabinet. 

Tired but very happy and satisfied, my client thanked me profusely for the transformed closet. Later she wrote me a note telling me that every time she looked in the closet, she felt inspired. 

This week I will help with some other spaces, and I look forward to having fun working with her and giving her more space to be inspired about. 

Organizing is so satisfying–for me and the client. 


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