Organizing a garage in two hours with phenomenal results

In just two hours two people cleaned out the chaos in a garage with phenomenal results. here is how we did it.

For various reasons we had only two hours to work for I had a deadline. In some ways, having a deadline is a good thing. It really motivates you to get the job done in a shorter amount of time.

We started by getting the big stuff out that was obvious. Fortunately it was a nice day so it was easy to use the space in the driveway.

Because of lack of time, and because the categories were pretty obvious, we did not make labels.

Instead, I had about 20 shallow boxes which we laid out in the driveway. because the boxes were shallow we could see the items easily so therefore did not need a label.

We started by clearing off one table which was going to be the tool table. we sorted all items on the table quickly into boxes and kept the tools there.

Then we started clearing off another table which we envisioned would be the hardware table.  all things sorted into boxes except hardware.

Now we proceeded to sort the rest of garage. with the tool table and hardware table being the largest categories, we knew that at very least getting these items in one place would make it easier to find things and clear the rest of garage.

Another big category was metal. All that went into a corner. I discovered that he wanted to get rid of a large amount of plastic bags which immediate went out.

As the boxes of categories were filled, the gargae became less cluttered of course. Within 1 1/2 hour  most things were in categories. We did not open new boxes of stuff that were easily stacked.This we saved for a later date.

We took the last 1/2 hour to find places for things. the gardening tools and materials went one place. the larger tools went to antoher. the lawn mower was rearranged. Within the 1/2 hour we had everything in its place.

Now my client says that he can find things and in his own time he can fine tune the sorting. He can now walk around, put his vehicle in the garage, and feel safer as well.

This was the fasted job I have ever done with the most amount of progress. Two people really do make the work go faster. If you use a technique such as mine, then it is easier to make the most out of the helper’s help.

I really hope you try this and it helps you to find a peace of mind so that you can realize your worthwhile goals and make a better world.


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