De-clutter super fast

Don’t sweat the small stuff! This is a very rough draft of my guidelines for quick de-cluttering for emergencies like feeling completely overwhelmed or company coming over. By de-cluttering this way you won’t be completely disorganized but will be taking a step to getting to a place where your space is clear permanently.

  • When you are organizing a job, big or small–put the small miscellaneous stuff in shallow boxes to sort.
  • Larger miscellaneous can go in larger boxes.
  • Stack the boxes up and sort the stuff later.
  • Important stuff that you need right away–put in a place where you can find quickly and put away.
  • Stuff that can be easily put away because you know where it goes–feel free to put it away if you have time.
  • Soft stuff like clothes can be put in plastic bags to sort later.
  • Stuff that you immediately know can be  given away can be put in a box and placed in car.
  • But don’t sweat the small stuff and the unimportant stuff.
  • Schedule a time to sort the small and miscellaneous stuff later. Now you have a de-cluttered house, a clearer mind, and instant gratification.


Oh, and if you put on some music or listen to a book on tape or a TED production or something else you enjoy–time will go much faster and you will be motivated to keep moving.  This method does not require a lot of thought so you can listen to informative and enriching talks if you like.


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