Completing the first stage of the job

st stage of this job. The client’s mom came home tonight looking like a completely different person. The last two nights she greeted us with a sour expression and a weary… acceptance. After the healing we had last night, she continued to have uplifted spirits. She walked into the house eager to look at what we had done. She was impressed somewhat by the progress and wanted to talk more about memories.

What an amazing transformation. With a crew of four people, two of us working 8 hours and two working about six hours, we completed what we wanted to do. Kitchen, dining room and den looking beautiful and almost completely decluttered. Living room has lots of boxes of precious items to sort–but they are stacked so there is plenty of space to put tables on which to sort. Bedroom is all cleaned with mattresses replaced. Bathroom is cleaned. Two car garage that was made into a play room now has an office space where we can sort papers. The largest categories are all together: shoes, clothes, car stuff, precious memories; material, papers and office supplies. The miscellaneous to sort boxes take up very little space and will be easy to get rid of when we have more time. If we had tried to sort all the miscellaneous, we would never have made the progress we did.

Client and her husband keep saying they can’t believe how much was done. Client’s husband estimated we would get about one hundredth of what we got done. Client said it was the best money she ever paid. Client’s husband who eats mostly meat says maybe the reason I came is to show them how to be healthy as I demonstrated that I could have plenty of energy all day on green smoothies and kangen water. He made a very delicious vegetable pot pie for dinner which I happily devoured.

This has been a very rewarding experience. Client’s husband jokes that if they give me a great recommendation I won’t come back. They want to rent me a car so I won’t wear my car out when I come next week. I feel very appreciated. I feel very grateful to use my God-given talents to make a pretty big difference in people’s lives.

Well, I am signing off for this job. Thanks all for your encouragement and comments. I would love to hear more feedback.


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