Introducing Patricia Mikkelson: Organizer and handy woman


A friend of yours wanted to introduce me to you. He or she thought you might need some help in the areas of organizing, cleaning, yard work or other things that could help you.

I am wondering if you might be overwhelmed, overworked,  and possibly at the end of your rope. Or maybe  you just want to get caught up.  Perhaps you could use someone to come along side you and support you in such things as clearing your clutter and creating order; cleaning your house; getting caught up with and organized with paper work; or setting your goals and creating a plan to accomplish them.

I am Patricia Mikkelson, and I have been working for your friends (or acquaintance) who might include Dorothy Reif, Jordan (Bob Jordan),  Maria King, Lilian Bern, Mary Lightheart, Ann Shaw and Arden Kate. They have been very happy with my work, and that is why one of them is forwarding this message to you.

I hope that you will look over my blog and get to know me better to see if my services might enhance your life. I take great satisfaction in helping people. I am encouraging, compassionate, efficient and focused.

Here are some unique aspects to my services

  • I bring Kangen water which will help you be energized and alert during the time I work with you. I will supply you with this water free for two weeks.
  • I use natural cleaning products–mostly Kangen water— that kill germs and do not pollute at all.
  • I have fine-tuned my organizing fast system so that in a short time you can see great results
  • I can even rake leaves, wrap presents, help decorate for Christmas, support you in getting organized for the holidays, and run errands.

I feel so grateful to be able to work for people in this way. to serve others and contribute to their well being using my talents is immensely gratifying. I truly love each of my clients–and do my very best to help them in the way that will be most beneficial.

Please feel free to call me at 313-0414 for a free phone consultation.

I hope that I can help you in some way that can enrich your life.


Patricia Mikkelson



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