Organizing your goals

According to various studies, if you write your goals down you are much more likely to achieve your goals. I have found a great way to both write and work on goals that is actually quite fun and easy. You just need 3 x 5 cards and a place to keep them where you can find them!

1. Get 3 x 5 cards lined or unlined

1A.  Pray that you will only have goals that are in alignment with God’s will.

2. Write your goal on the top of the card. I like to write it as if it has actually happened, ie: I am joyfully memorizing scripture

3. Read the goal each day and pray over the goal. Ask God to guide you as to what you should do in order to manifest the goal.

4. Write down any thoughts that you have as you read and pray over the goal. Write in your to do list if appropriate.

5. Also write any progress that you have made.

6. If you achieve the goal, put in a file labeled “answered prayers”. Read them over whenever you get discouraged and think that God is not helping you.

7. Keep adding new goals.

8. Share them with others who are receptive and supportive.  You could share them at our weekly Community Gatherings at Walker Park if you are local–we almost always have timed sharings where we can get support on our goals.  Get others to pray for you and also get ideas.

I would love to know how this works for you. I am already finding miracles happening as I do this.

Chip Ingraham of LIVING ON THE EDGE shared this on one of his programs that I listen to on Bott Radio Network here in Northwest Arkansas.

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