Organizing a very inspiring birthday party for Jordan

Tonight I had the special privilege of organizing a gathering where a man who fell from a roof and was almost dead–met with the person who saved his life.  And it was a birthday party as well.

I feel so grateful that I have the gift of organizing just about anything–a project, an organization, space, and activities. This means that I have the ability to look ahead and see the possibilities. As I envision what can happen, then I see all the details that need to take place to make it a reality.

For people who don’t think they are so organized–they can find someone who can help them plan their vision.

I wanted to share some of the wonderful things that happened because I was willing to take a leap of faith plus use my organizing skills.

First off, I wanted to have a very special party for my friend Jordan.  He suffered a brain injury and other injuries almost a year ago when as a house inspector he fell 8 feet onto a concrete porch. He managed to crawl about 25 feet with broken ribs and other injuries-an amazing feat in itself. He spent the night outside, and lay in the drive way about 24 hours when James Carr, a city worker in Springdale, AR saw him from the corner of his eye. Carr went to investigate and found Jordan in very bad shape. He called 911 and stayed with him until the ambulance came.

Jordan had never met Carr in person, but had tracked him down and then talked to him by phone briefly a few times to learn more details about the accident.  Of course Jordan had thanked him…but they had never met in person.

I decided that a great way to celebrate Jordan’s birthday would be to invite Carr to come and meet Jordan. Jordan agreed to this, and so did Carr. I was so excited! We also agreed that Carr would come first to the gathering at Walker Park pavillion and Jordan would come after most guests had arrived. I was to call Jordan when Carr and a good number of people had arrived.We wanted people to witness this event.

It was so great to have this planned ahead of time, for Jordan walked up with his friend Andrew Kilgore and another friend Fatma. Carr stepped forward and I introduced him, Jordan told Carr thank you and then hugged him and just cried. I so appreciated how Carr was so willing to just stand there for minutes being hugged. Many men would feel very uncomfortable about this.

Jordan presented Carr with an award that Jordan and I had made up from the Kindness Alliance–the organization that Jordan and I co-founded to help us channel our desires to serve. I was so glad that I had thought of this at the last minute and had sent it to Jordan, who then edited it and printed it out. The value of team work and inspiration. I loved the way he had change the words which I had dashed out in a few minutes having little time.

I had a sketchy plan of how the evening would flow, but I also knew that I was going to need to go with the flow since I just could not foresee exactly what would happen.  So I sensed that now was a time to sit around the picnic table and for everyone to share a few words about what inspired them to come to this event.  This was quite inspiring in itself.

I had arranged ahead of time for video taping the event by my son–and photography from my former husband because this was an event that needed to be preserved.  It was great how all the details fell into place–many at the last minute.  I had set up chairs so Jordan and Carr could sit together and share some things while the others sat in a semi-circle around them.

Carr shared how he had found Jordan, and Jordan shared his gratitude some more–and some of his insights since his accident–mostly about how important it was to live in the present moment. Then I thought it would be great if people could come up and share with Jordan some appreciation. Once again, I was blown away by the sharing. Very meaningful and inspiring. In turn, it then inspired Jordan to share stories of how he had changed, including how all he wanted to do was serve, and how he took a risk and reached out to a lonely black teenager.

I was so happy to see so many people connecting and having a great time.  People brought finger food for a light dinner which made it easier to bring food as well as consume. Lots of raw stuff was really refreshing. People don’t feel like they need to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It also discourages people getting stuffed!

The great thing about meeting at the park is that my teen age daughter played with the children on the near by play ground who came and their mom got to hang out with the adults a great deal. Also, my kids and two former husbands (and their fathers) all played tennis after the more structured part of the party was over.  I loved how there was something for every one. I just enjoyed visiting with people and getting to know people like Fatma who Jordan met on the plane. She is a student who came from the Middle East.

James Carr had brought his son and daughter-in-law and they seemed to be very grateful for our gratitude.

I know there were people who had different faiths–Muslim, Agnostic, Christian, and New Thought. No one had a need to force their spiritual views on anyone–which was very beautiful. I asked James Carr if he was a Christian, and he said he was, and that he believed that God prompted him to look out of the corner of his eye and see Jordan.

Well, I perceived that my organizing skills plus my trust in a God who loves me and everyone very much helped make this party very inspiring and successful. I had to think of a lot of details ahead of time, and go with the flow in the middle of it all–and it all worked out so well.

I feel grateful and peaceful.

We have these gatherings every week and call them Community Gatherings. We plan on  honoring other kind people as well as having networking meetings that really help people identify and achieve their goals in a very simple and fun way.

I hope you can some come time. Thursdays, 6:30-8:30  Walker Park large Pavillion near 15th and College in Fayetteville, AR.  See more at the


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