I feel so fulfilled

I have been doing some organizing jobs that have given me more of a sense of fulfillment than ever before. One client is a person who had a brain injury and so really needs a lot of help in getting structure. Another is a person who has been resisting getting organized on the computer. But as a person who is doing a lot of good in the world, he needs to learn how to be more effective with his presentation.

Another person is a woman who was in a horribly abusive relationship and needed to walk out on her husband a year ago. My assignment was to sort out most of the stuff left in the house after the husband left the house recently. The house holds a lot of bad memories, and the woman wants to focus on nurturing herself and her children.  The job is finally done,  and I sense a heavy burden has been lifted off of her. Now that is satisfying! There was a whole bunch of stuff to give away, and I was thrilled that The Potter’s House Thrift Store is willing to come out and pick it all up.

I do some cleaning jobs as well. I am noticing a new sense of fulfillment when I really look for those things that can make my client’s life easier. For example, I noticed that a light bulb was out in a ceiling lamp. I knew it was hard for her to reach the lamp, and I took great joy in nurturing her in that way.

One of my clients asked me to check on his two rental properties to see if they needed to be cleaned after a construction job in one and a renter just leaving in another. I felt very joyful to give him a report, and recommend someone to clean them since I am too busy doing organizing to clean.  He was able to call his renters to ask them to clean up more thoroughly.

I was very encouraged to have a client call me back. I had helped her get her house de-cluttered down sized,  and prepared for a garage sale because she is moving at the end of May. That was back in April. Now, the actual move is taking place, and she definitely wanted me to come back and get the job done. I have a lot of repeat customers and referrals today,  and that is very satisfying.

I had worked for one woman about two years ago just once. She never called me back, and I thought that she did not like my work. She called me a few weeks ago to hire me again. I told her that I thought she wasn’t happy with my work because she had given me some feedback at the time that indicated she wanted me to do things differently. She said that she hadn’t hired anyone to do cleaning since then, and apologized for being rude. I didn’t think she was rude–just giving constructive criticism. I found I had a more pleasant connection with her and after the job was over, we sat outside in the sun eating Luna bars which are always nice. I had discovered that she had CD’s of two people who I had known in my past  life in California and we had a nice conversation about them. She is having an operation this Monday and so wants me to come back to help her on Friday. I feel very joyful when I know I am helping someone who is just out of the hospital.

The local time bank, Fayetteville Community Exchange, has facilitated me in having an satisfying job with Catherine who is a coach. I clean and organize for her, and she pays me partially time dollars and partially cash. We have been of great mutual benefit for each other.

I helped a client landscape her yard. She is growing vegetables in her flowers and that is very satisfying for me. I was also able to extend her growing bed where I planted a lovely wisteria by simply putting down newspapers, putting mulch down, and making a circle of rocks that I got  out of a dumpster trailer next door (they were going to throw them away!).

I am still paying for my beautiful and very well running van by trading with Kim Rues. I helped her do a major job in clearing out invasive plants and keeping her lawn mowed. It was fun to work together with her and catch up on our friendship. I look forward to helping her plant her little garden which already has perennials like mint, comfrey, strawberries and fennel.

I am eager to check on the landscaping I did next to Pack Rat. I have been so busy I haven’t been there for a few weeks, although the last time I checked it all looked good. Since I mulch with newspaper and mulch, the weeds have a hard time getting through and it takes very little tending. Still, I want to see if any newspaper is showing, and also I experimented with putting some plants in pots. I am going there tomorrow when I finally have time.

I take great joy in helping my neighbor turn her dream of making her yard into a park  into reality. I trade a mere 6 hours a week for my rent of a lovely little house, and I get the benefits of both vegies and beautiful flowers. We started last November when I first moved in miraculously. I had been living in a motor home which didn’t have heat, and just when it got really cold, I got this house. Oh, the yard and garden is so lovely. I normally don’t put a lot of energy into flowers, but she says that flowers are good for her soul. I am noticing they are good for my soul also.

I have a weekly job cleaning for an older woman who had a really hard time in the winter and I was called in to help get her house in order and then maintain it. I always enjoy our conversations. Mahriyanna, my daughter, often helps, and I find a lot of fulfillment in seeing that each week that we come the house seems to have a fresher feel about it. I think she likes our company, too.

Mahriyanna and I are teaching children about communication while their parents take communication classes. This is very satisfying because we are making it easier for the parents to take part in the class, and we are able to interact with the kids in ways that help them as well.  I haven’t worked with kids for a while, and I am enjoying it.

I gave some feedback to a friend who published a book about neighborhood organizing. He is now offering to pay me to edit the book. Now that is exciting! This is something I could sink my teeth into–and do while I am in my country home with my family around.  You can find out more at http://www.itstimereno.org

Interspersed in all of this, I am able to nurture my relationship with my family, believe it or not! Last week, our whole family worked on the huge organizing job. It was a great experience for us all. And I do a few jobs with Mahriyanna. I don’t spend as much time with them as I’d like, but I believe that it won’t be long before I will do my ultimate dream job of helping to create a community at our Wellspring eco-village in-formation, and I hope to create a place where my kids can fulfill their dreams. Chris is already working on clearing the land to build his house.  Oh, that reminds me–I want to write a new description of my dream community!

I feel so grateful that I have such a variety of jobs, and clients who really appreciate me. After doing a 30 day spiritual experiment of making God first in my life, I notice that I am drawing more clients who are utilizing my talents maximally and I can see positive changes in their lives.

Hey, if you are one of my clients–I hope you know how much I appreciate you! And if you are not, but need some help–I can help with just about anything you need support in. I’m just a natural born encourager by God’s grace.

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