16 Cheap and easy tips to keep you healthy

If you are wanting more information about these health tips–I plan to write more in the next few days. Keep checking in, okay? Or let me know if you want updates.

I am sharing these health tips because I believe that if you immediately start saying the affirmations and doing these actions, your health will be greatly enhanced.

  1. I am easily developing habits that lead to health on all levels—spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.
  2. I am bravely creating an encouraging support network. Isolation depresses the immune system. Encourage others. Reach out. Be discerning. Talk to someone even if you don’t feel like talking.
  3. I am enthusiastically crying daily. Crying boosts the immune system, releases stress, cleanses the body. Think about children starving. Watch sad movies  Pray to be shown how you can help.
  1. I am unabashedly laughing and smiling easily and often. Laughter lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, boosts immune system, relaxes, and prevents heart attacks.
  2. I am easily refraining from eating substances that are very damaging to my body. Transfats, fried foods, refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, refined foods are like poisons.
  3. I am happily developing moment to moment habits that help me stay alert , peaceful and joyful through out the day, including: good posture, breathing deeply, moving and stretching every 30 minutes. Keep developing skill power instead of will power. Think about healthy things you can do moment to moment.
  4. I am thirstily drinking plenty of water each day. Drink ½ oz per pound of body weight. You can mix in a dash of lemon juice or other healthy non-sweetened flavoring to make it taste better.
  5. I am easily taking control of every thought I think. Determine to take those thought captive and examine them for truth. Do all you can to be the guide of your thoughts. Imagine creating new pathways in your brain for beneficial thoughts to go down.
  6. I am lovingly expressing my feelings in healthy ways. Feelings are not good or bad—it is what you do with them that harm or help. Learn techniques such as non-violent communication to express and deal with your feelings in a way that nurtures life.
  7. I am enthusiastically and skillfully growing a great organic garden of staples. You can actually live on food you can grow on a city lot if you know what to grow.

11.  I am easily drinking healthy hot chocolate: Approx: 1 cup water. 1 tbsp cocoa, cinnamon to taste. Stevia, honey, or other natural sweetener to taste.  Helps the brain produce dopamine.

12.  I creatively stimulating my pineal gland. Massage the area in between the eye brows in the evening to boost melatonin which helps you sleep. Sleep is one of the keys to good health.

13.  I am hopefully consuming omega three oils.  Olive oil, flax seeds, coconut oil are great.

14.  I am joyfully exercising and stretching daily. It’s one of the best things you can do for depression.

15.  I am joyfully praying unceasingly. Scientific studies show that both the act of praying and social support it creates is good for health. Talk about your problems…then pray about them.

16.  I am enthusiastically setting down goals and values so I can live my life intentionally.

I really hope this information is helpful to you. Please let me know how you have used these tips, and others that you think are important. If you need any help organizing your life so that you can be more healthy, including de-cluttering; organizing a healthy kitchen; cleaning or gardening, please contact Patricia (Mikkelson) Hughes at simplifiedlivingnow@gmail.com 479-313-0414 Be my friend on Facebook! search for Patricia Mikkelson


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