Community Building Newsletter Sat. Feb. 13 2010

Published by Patricia (Mikkelson) Hughes 479-313-0414

Purpose: To help people of all ages and backgrounds in Fayetteville and surrounding areas to live creatively, cooperatively, and kindly so that all may thrive.

Share info and stay organized: Note that the calendar of events gives minimal information for an easy over all view of community building events. For more information scroll further down. This way you can print out one page for easy reference. Put it on your refrigerator, in your calendar, and share it with friends, family and neighbors. . Forward this to your Facebook friends and email list. .  As we connect with each other, we build trust, friendship, and social capital. I hope to see you at some of these events!

Calendar of Events

Sat. 2pm Feb. 13 Movie: MAD CITY CHICKENS UA Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Arena Hwy 112 (Garland)  Inspiring people to be more self-reliant.

Sat. Feb. 13 5pm  Headwaters Love Fest  Headwaters School

Sun. Feb. 14 1:30-4:30pm  Fayetteville Library Seed Swap and lessons on seed saving. Bring seeds, envelopes, tools, or nothing.

Sun. Feb. 14 3pm Activist Film: FIGHTING GOLIATH St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Sun. Feb. 14 6pm   Film: THE LIVING MATRIX Video Underground, Omni Center

Mon. Feb. 15 8pm    National Slam Poets at Opal’s Feel Good Lounge

Tues. Feb. 16  8:15-9:15 Community Gathering Conference Call Network to help you meet your needs for work, creativity, connection, right livelihood, education and more. Facilitated by Patricia Mikkelson  Call 231-962-8000 then enter access code 165842

Sat. Feb 20 6pm  Peace Builders Potluck and Instruction on writing effective letters to the editor  Omni Center

Sunday, February 21 4-6pm Fayetteville Community Exchange Potluck Omni Center 3274 N. Lee Avenue


Permaculture Herb Spiral: This is a phenomenal way to bring beauty and efficiency very quickly to your garden. Great for front yard gardeners.

Summer of Solutions is a program for youth to help Fayetteville thrive. It is a wonderful opportunity for youth and their mentors to get involved and make a huge difference.  Contact Amanda Bancroft for more info and check out the website

2 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 13
at the UA Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Arena
Located on Highway 112
With the passage of a recent ordinance, Fayetteville residents can now raise chickens in their yards.
Find out what happened in Madison, WI, when that
city approved similar regulations.
A Q&A session will follow the film.




Headwaters School is on HWY 16 in Red Star, 50 miles east of Fayetteville.


St. Paul’s is hosting a screening of the film, Fighting Goliath, on Sunday, Feb 14, 3:00 pm, in the Parish Hall. This film is about how activists successfully defeated the construction of coal-fired power plants in Texas.  Please join us!


Video Underground
Sunday February 14,
6:00 pm
“The Living Matrix”

At OMNI Center, 3274 N. Lee Ave, Fayetteville

Can you think of a better gift to yourself and your loved one’s tor VALENTINES DAY than understanding and evidence on how to truly HEAL, AND CREATE AND MAINATIN WELLBEING?

From the Medical Model, which is DESEASE centered healthcare, you will have the opportunity to shift to  a HOLISTIC HEALTH model:  how the energy field, mind, emotions, body and environment interact to promote HEALTH.

More details about this interesting system on the attached flyer from presenter Lilian Bern.


: One of my very best friends for many years is going to be in Fayetteville this Monday night Feb. 15th. She is an amazing poet. She has published several books and I would even label her avantgarde in her field. Before Jena, I never knew poetry could be so entertaining. Also performing are two professional poets from New York and Boston. All three of them have competed at the national level in slam poetry, Regie actually winning first place in Seattle out of hundreds of opponents. Please come out and support these guys. We are real lucky they are performing in our town. Hope to see everyone.
Monday, Feb. 15th at 8:00pm
Opal’s Feel Good Lounge

National Slam Poets

Tim Mason
“His work is lovingly confrontational, pulsing with populist passion, sharp humor and inviting idealism.”
~ Boston Globe 1997

Jena Gessaman – Texas Slam Queen
“She opens her mouth and out comes a stream of the unexpected,” says the Dallas Morning News.
“Jena electrifies her audiences”

Reggie Gibson
Poet, percussionist, actor and activist
“His brand of ‘words-speak’ has been called rhythmystical”


Peace Builders

February 20, 6:00 pm

The Word from the Experts:  LTEs

OMNI Center

3273 N. Lee Ave, Fayetteville

First Peace Builders Gathering of the new year will be Saturday February 20.  It’s going to be a pretty high-power learning session on communication, OMNI folks.  At the last meeting in November Councilman Matt Petty and Judge Barbara Fitzpatrick talked about communicating with elected officials, and it was very informative.  They told us that writing letters to the editor was a highly effective way to connect since most elected officials follow those constituent letters closely.

Writing letters to the editor though is kinda complicated.  Not everybody is comfortable doing that.

Well, here’s you opportunity to hear from people with real cred on the letter-writing subject.  Presenters will be Doug Thompson, Editorial Page Editor at the Arkansas Times, and Coralie Koonse and Larry Woodall, representatng the Rapid Responders Group, who’ve been writing LTEs for 8 years now. They’ll talk about just how to do it effectively and really get published.  We can all learn from the pros.  You’ll want to be here for this event.

Potluck will begin at 6:00, and the program will start as soon as we get settled in.

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