GEtting organized for self-reliance and emergencies

I am really ready to support people to become organized so that they can be totally prepared for any emergency, and to be more self-reliant.

I feel fortunate because for the past 35 years I have lived a simple life, often off the grid, without indoor plumbing. So when the electricity went off, it wasn’t big deal.

I really want to support people in simplifying their lives and being ready for anything.

One thing I think is really important is learning how to identify and prepare wild edibles. That might be a very healthy way to supplement our diets even if we have gardens.

There are some pretty simple ways of conserving fuel in cooking–such as hay box-a super insulated easy to make box that makes any pan into a slow cooker.

Having a thriving garden with greens growing throughout the year is not all that difficult with a coach such as myself.

Passive solar is an effective way of having warmth without electricity. Even if you can heat one room or a small space, it might be essential for survival


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