Cleaning up tree damage after the storm

Well, normally I do organizing work, but the priority right now is to help people clean up their yards after this amazing ice storm. I believe it it the worst storm in recorded history…whatever that means.

It might mean that more people are out of electricity than any other time in history–although more and more people are getting back on the grid.

I feel sad for the trees–but most trees at least survived. The one good thing that could come out of this is that there might be more light for gardens, berries, dwarf fruit trees and other edibles. As much as I love the big old oaks, maples, and other wonderful trees–we really need food. Also, I am hoping that people will realize the importance of being prepared both for emergencies–long and short term.

It is pretty wonderful to see how people are working together in this challenging time. I love to see how people are focusing on the blessings–like the clear weather after the storm and how wonderful it is that people are helping each other.

I teamed up with a neighbor who was first lent, then given a chain saw by another neighbor. We did a small job for a friend, Martin Jardan. I asked a neighbor if he needed help–and we got another small job.

Then we went to Arsaga’s coffee shop for the evening. We are still out of electricity and so I charged my phone and my chain saw buddy and I called friends to see if they might need our services.

We even set up a little sign at the table we were sitting at saying “Cheerful Chainsawing at affordable prices”

We hadn’t made any connections until we were ready to go. My friend decided to put up a hand made flier at Harps. When he was doing that, someone noticed it who had a friend who needed clean up.

We made the connection, and arranged to do a job at 8am the next morning.

It was pretty exciting–we cleaned up a lot of branches, and there is still possibly another day’s work. Plus, two neighbors wanted us to work for them.


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