Why I love my organizing clients

1. Many people I help feel vulnerable and ashamed of their messiness. They feel safe with me and trust me not to judge. I feel honored to receive their trust.

2. Many clients give me wonderful gifts. I had so many gifts to give my children and husband this year at Christmas because of the generosity of my clients.

3. They share their gratitude with me.

4. They share their experience with others, who then send me new clients.

5. They tell me stories about their lives as we uncover various objects which they want to save.

6. They feel safe to be honest with me and tell me what works and what doesn’t work for them.

7. They trust me that I won’t throw away anything unless they have given me permission, or have described specific things that they definitely want thrown away.

8. They get so happy when our organizing efforts yield precious things like checks, money, a wedding ring, birth certificate and more. We celebrate!

9. They are willing to reward me with money which helps me to support my family.

10. They often serve me delicious food and invite me to be part of their family.

11. They sometimes give me a generous bonus.

12. They help me feel happy because I see that the clearing of their environment helps them on all levels to be healthier and happier.

13. They are God’s children–and I do my best to love all of God’s children just as he loves me!


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