Why I love to organize so much…I enjoy supporting

I had a kind of revelation a few days ago while helping someone do the tedious task of sorting out years of tax related papers.

I love to support people in achieving their goals.

I particularly get a lot of satisfaction out of supporting people who share my values of service and bettering the world. I feel so grateful that all of my clients share those values. Since most of my work comes from word of mouth, and since my friends tend to be the ones who have referred me initially, I have drawn similar-minded people for clients.

I have always wanted to make a profound difference in peoples’ lives. But I have not wanted to get a degree in counseling. I used to want to teach non-violent communication. But I just am not too good at getting certified at something, much less marketing and organizing classes. I thought about life coaching, but I was not motivated to taking the time and money to get the education.

When people started asking me to help them get organized almost a decade ago, I found I did have a gift. But I was still afraid to put myself out there as a professional organizer, telling myself that I needed training and more experience.

But when I realized after a few organizing jobs that I really had a gift, I decided to focus on this as my livelihood, and I discovered that I did not have to be perfect in order to nurture my clients. I also discovered that I had many abilities that would not necessarily come from training.  For example, my twenty years experience using non-violent communication made it easy for me to be compassionate and patient. Here are some more abilities which help me:

  • My view of spirituality which emphasizes that God loves everyone so much helped me to see each person and their stuff as God sees them–as very special and wonderful people who I want the very best for.
  • My creative nature which naturally thinks outside the box and can find unique and unusual solutions.
  • My physical strength which makes it easy for me to lift heavy boxes and work even 18 hour days. (that was my record!)
  • My commitment to leaving a clients space in a clear space, even if we need to pack away some things for future organizing.
  • My ability to work with clients at their pace; honor their wishes; and negotiate gently for a more efficient and effective manner of organizing. Knowing when to push a little, and when to let them have their way.
  • My talent for, when necessary, working very quickly just to get things in place where they can more easily be accessible and organized when the client has funds and wants to do most of the work themselves.
  • My intuitive sense of what things I need to show to clients that are important when I am sorting large amounts of items, and the client doesn’t have time to look at everything right away.

I have been so blessed to have these abilities and talents. I really feel grateful to be able to nurture others and see how their lives are changed for the better because I can joyfully share my gifts. I appreciate the friendships that are created and deepened because as we work together there is often a sense of team work, flow and camaraderie that naturally results.

If you feel drawn to what I share, I hope you will call me and explore possibilities of how I might serve you. I look forward to helping you become organized!


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