I am here to help you create a clear, organized, peaceful environment!

I can help you organize your space including downsizing, helping with a move, prepare for a garage sale and much more–from start to finish. I can make it easy for you to:

  • Prioritize and simplify your possessions
  • Create a new, comfortable, clutter free environment

Organize the Clutter-Clearing Process:

  • Create a plan and time-table
  • Recommend where to start
  • Help you create a system to label items
  • Compassionately help you decide what to keep, and what to release
  • Assist with the physical work, such as sorting possessions and bagging trash.

If you are moving…Coordinate the Move:

  • Supervise packers
  • Supervise movers
  • Make sure furniture is placed as you want it.
  • Ensure that boxes get to proper rooms

If you are moving…Organize Your New Residence:

  • Unpack boxes according to your directions
  • Organize your possessions
  • Arrange for packing materials and boxes to be removed


Free one hour consultation!

Contact Patricia Mikkelson


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